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We are an international trading company based in Istanbul, Turkey with expertise on textiles

About Us

SLD Group was founded in 1996 as an international trading company. It has built a reputation as a reliable synthetic fabric supplier providing innovative and leading edge fashionable fabrics. Through a strong supply network in Korea, it offers high fashion fabrics to apparel companies in Turkey and beyond.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide textile unmatched in quality and design currently found in the market today.  Taking into consideration comfort, trend and reliability we aim to empower fashion designers to create value through unique design and fabrics.

Our Vision

Our vision is to become an integrated textile company allowing us the freedom and close oversight through the entire vertical chain in textile. By keeping innovation and technology at heart, we promise to be at the forefront of fashion and to always strive for excellence by knowing no borders in technology and human capital.

Business Areas


We operate our fabric offering through our brand, Ideal Ipek which represents today’s fashion with unique design and high quality fabrics for women’s wear.  Our fabric goes on to become beautiful women’s wear from modern dresses to modest fashion wear.


We offer spandex (elastane), a synthetic fiber that provides exceptional elasticity with widespread application in todays’ wear.


We have been working diligently with SLD textile for many years.  It is a company with great work discipline with careful curation of products and has consistently met its time commitments at the highest quality level.  They are a preferred supplier with their unique and clear cut collections.

Kezban D. Fabric Purchasing Specialist at J Company

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